My mission is to capture a connection through my lens, to provide quality over quantity, and deliver timeless pieces of art.


2018-05-20_0008Newborn photography is where my passion shines through! I love snuggling all your sweet babies, nothing beats that new baby smell and the capturing those tiny details. As a mom of two myself I know that pregnancy can seem to drag on but once that sweet baby has made their entrance time starts to fly by. Babies change and grow so fast and that is why is it so important to get your newborn photos done in the first 2 weeks of life. Booking your newborn portraits while you are still pregnant ensures your photographers availability once baby arrives.



Chubby cheeks, chunky thighs, gummy smiles – how can I not say I have the best job in the world?! Baby Milestone sessions are such a joy to capture.  Baby photos are so important to me, as a mom of 2 I know how fast this time in their lives flies by and being able to look back (and sometimes laugh) at their baby portraits with them as they grow up brings such joy to me. Each milestone in the first year showcases a special time for your child, for example at 4 months old most baby’s are smiling and at 8 months old sitting unassisted or even crawling! Each stage is amazing to photograph and I love being a part of watching your baby grow during that first year.


2018-04-28_0003Frosting covered faces is in my top ten most adorable things ever list! Let’s face it, first birthdays are extremely special to us moms. Whether we throw a big party to celebrate or just do a small family dinner it is still a HUGE deal. Come on mom and dad, give yourself a pat on the back – YOU DID IT! Now let’s design a first birthday photo session to freeze this moment forever.


Maternity photos hold a special place in my heart, maybe because I have always kicked myself for not having maternity portraits taken of either my pregnancies or maybe because being pregnant is the most magical experience any woman can go through. As a mom I know we don’t get to be in front of the camera often as we are always the ones snapping those special at home moments, so pamper yourself a little bit by having gorgeous maternity portraits taken.


I have many favorite locations throughout Waukesha County that I shoot at and I strive to make every session unique for each family. Family portrait sessions are suppose to be FUN, as your family photographer it is my goal to have you relax and enjoy playing with your family while I capture those genuine smiles. We will play games, act silly, run around, and laugh, and you will end up with gorgeous family portraits that I hope you will proudly display in your home and cherish forever.



As a child growing up I always was more interested in the artsy, creative activities but my love for photography didn’t shine through until I had my 2 children. What started as a hobby for me quickly grew into a business. Learn more about me, my kids, and my life by going to the About Me Page.