Newborn Baby Boy, Leo

Leo, Newborn Baby Boy Photos

Little Leo and his handsome big bro Myles are going to grow up together making the best memories, I just know it! Mom and dad need to watch out because these two will have so much fun together. Myles is just the sweetest big brother, he was so gentle and loving towards Leo during their sibling portraits. I even grabbed a picture of Myles on his own for being such a great big brother! Leo at just 11 days brand new was an absolute perfect baby to snuggle and capture. The greys, navy, and browns really pulled together for these newborn boy portraits, but I especially am drawn to the black and whites from this session. I don’t know what it is but I love newborn boy portraits in b&w.

As a newborn photographer I am a little biased, but I believe the newborn portraits are the absolute sweetest time to capture! Probably because the newborn stage goes by so quickly and as a mom myself I know how foggy those first weeks become. Between the lack of sleep, crazy hormones, visitors, and trying to keep up with your “normal” routine, you blink and your baby is already a month old! (or in my case they are 8 and 3.5!! how’d that happen?!) That is why it is so important to capture these sweet first moments with baby, and to book your newborn portrait sessions while you’re still pregnant to guarantee your photographers availability for when baby is born. Check out more of my newborn photos by clicking here.



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  1. These are too much! We are so lucky to have a newborn photographer with such talent here in Hartland, WI. I can’t wait for you to photography my child!

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