First Birthday Cake Smash Fun!

Braxton’s First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Session, Rodeo Style!

First time I met B he was barely 2 weeks brand new, and now he is turning one! Always so bittersweet for me when “my” newborns turn one. I LOVE being able to watch these sweet babies grow so quickly in that first year of life; snuggling them as a newborn, capturing those first milestones when they start to smile and sit on their own, and then celebrating their first year with a super fun cake smash session!

Braxton’s cake smash is rodeo/cowboy themed and totally adorable for a little boy if you ask me! You can’t really tell but his shirt says “This Is My 1st Rodeo”, HOW CUTE?! And just look at those big blue eyes & that smile, oh my goodness his momma will be in trouble down the road with this one. B loved every minute of smashing his cake and his personality really shined through, we were all laughing watching him demolish the cake! Β And just look at his super proud smile in the last few images, he knew he did good!

Happy First Birthday B! It has been a pleasure capturing you this past year!


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