Newborn Photo Session Tips

George, Newborn Baby Photos

Clients ask me allll the time if I get enough of a “baby fix” being a newborn photographer or if I still get baby fever, usually I say I get my fix often enough that I don’t get the ovaries aching urges for another baby. BUT then I get a super sweet newborn like this one, that I just don’t want to put down and could love on all day! Well that was George. I fall in love with every newborn I have the honor of capturing but there was something so sweet about George, just look at his face!! I am totally smitten by him.

Newborn photography is my passion; cuddling, posing, and capturing these sweet babies is the best job in the world to me. A successful newborn session doesn’t start once baby arrives at my Hartland portrait studio though, a successful session starts a few hours earlier when parents are prepping baby for the photoshoot. Here are my 4 easy but magical tips I encourage parents to follow to result in a sleepier and easier baby to photograph:

  1. Keep baby awake for 2-3 hours before the session. I know this is difficult but it really can make all the difference, especially if baby is over 6 days new. Giving baby a bath or stripping them down to just a diaper is sure to wake them up for a while!
  2. Try to plan out feedings so that baby gets a full belly right before you leave or right at your arrival for the session. But also plan on baby wanting extra food during our session, whether you pack a bottle or want to breastfeed is up to you! I will always stop and let baby eat on demand during the session. The posing is a lot of exercise for your little one, so with those calories being burned baby will eat more often than at home.
  3. Bring a pacifier. Sometimes baby needs a little extra comforting to get into a pose or happily be laid down – as much as I would love to just snuggle your baby the whole session I know you want me to be able to put baby down and get these super cute portraits too!
  4. Relax! I strive to make the session as easy on the parents as possible, so sit back and relax while I focus on baby. It is the BIGGEST compliment when dad or mom takes a little nap, ya’ll deserve the small break!



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