Using digital backdrops

I have been using digital backdrops in my business for newborn session for over 3 years. I love the variety and surprise element digital backdrops add into my final galleries. Not only that, but it saves time during the session to not have to put together all these much more intricate designs. After years of using digital backdrops I have purchased from other photographers and practice making/using my own designs I have come up with some helpful tips for others!

  1. Have the digital backdrop you plan to use in mind before the session.
  2. Make sure to use a similar fabric under baby for easy blending.
  3. Light baby from the same direction the light source is coming from in the digital backdrop. I like to save a screen shot of the digital backdrop to my phone so I can double check lighting direction just beforehand.
  4. Take image of baby from above.
  5. Once you are in photoshop, open your digital backdrop and bring image of baby on top. I like to bring the opacity down on baby while I resize to fit in the digital backdrop bowl.
  6. Using a masking layer erase areas of the baby image that you don’t want to show. Increase opacity and fix any edges or blending.Β 
  7. Flatten image & save πŸ€—

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