Hartland WI Newborn Photographer – Baby O

Kendall is a Hartland, WI Newborn Photographer that specialized in capturing the milestones of baby’s first year. I love everything about photographing baby change over their first year, it is so fun watching their personalities develop. Baby O here is already full of personality, he gave me a run for my money when he peed all over me during a wrap change! He also liked to crack his eyes open to check on everything but slept so soundly between those little eye peeks. I love all the sleepy poses but I do enjoy getting a few awake shots as well. Being the 3rd baby he is so spoiled with love from his family and his siblings just adore him so very much! I have always loved seeing families in awe over their newest additions, and older siblings excitement is just the most heart melting thing to me!

newborn boy portraits with shades of blue
family portraits with newborn
newborn images by Hartland WI Newborn Photographer
family of 5 with newborn portrait

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