Inexpensive Backdrop Ideas

5 Inexpensive Backdrop Ideas for photographers. Perfect for baby milestones, cake smash photos, or toddler/children’s portraits. Backdrops could also be used for party decorations and moms wanting to take pictures at home!

  1. Fabric Shower Curtains – when I was a new photographer I used shower curtains a lot! The floral backdrop in the above image is a shower curtain I got years ago and is one of my most requested backdrops still! They are pretty inexpensive on Amazon or even more so if you look in clearance sections at Marshals, Home Goods, or Target. There are endless options too, florals, geometric patterns, laces and ruffles, characters, etc.
  2. Wall Panels from Home Depot or Lowes. My very popular dark wood backdrop shown below are wall panels that I have been using for years. They are durable and perfect for cake smashes since the cake wipes off easily. Down side to these is transportation, you need a big enough SUV or a truck bed to transport these! Pro tip: ask an employee to cut the panel down for you – I have found 6 ft is plenty of space.

3. DIY fringe backdrop made out of cheap dollar store table cloths! This is time consuming but makes a very cute backdrop. Cut the plastic table cloths into about inch wide sections, as long as you desire and tie to strings to create banners. Layer the banners into a backdrop.

4. Balloons. Creating balloon arches or garlands is fairly simple, just a little time consuming. Putting a balloon garland on a plain wall definitely jazzes it up enough for a cute set! Add some florals or printed out graphics to personalize the set even more.

5. Go to your local fabric store and get 2 yards of stretchy fabric, jersey knit is a great choice. You can use fabric for backdrops attached to your wall for baby milestone photos, cake smash photography, or toddler/children’s portraits or you can use stretched over a bean bag/table for newborn photography. You can also use swaddle blankets this way!

Bonus Inexpensive Backdrop Idea: If you have an artistic hand, paint your own backdrop! Just need some drop cloth canvas from a home improvement store and some acrylic paints, and a plan. My bold ombre hand painted design is a popular pick and was so easy to paint!

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