Colorful baby photos, P’s 6 month milestone

Colorful baby photos for baby P’s 6 month milestone photography session. I love the 6 month milestone stage for baby photos to capture all their growth! I especially love when my newborn photo clients come back to celebrate this next milestone. P is such a cutie and was very attentive, taking in all her surroundings and watching her big siblings goofing off behind me trying to crack a smile from her. She was a serious one but those big curious eyes are so captivating. She showed me how much of rockstar she is with tummy time and grabbing her toes, even sat up unassisted for a bit. I love all these backdrops her momma picked out, a perfect mix of timeless/classic but also colorful baby photos πŸ™‚ Peep the last photo here with her big siblings on my hand painted rainbow ombre backdrop, perfect for this little rainbow baby. P is just so sweet and I am already looking forward to her birthday photos session in 2022!

colorful baby photos of 6 month baby girl
black and white photo of baby girl during tummy time
photo of a 6 month baby girl with painted floral backdrops
sibling photo of 3 young kids on a white chair with a painted rainbow ombre backdrop

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