Baby Photography – Hartland, WI

Leo, 6 month milestone photo session

I have nothing else to say but look at this handsome little guy, seriously he is so stinkin cute!! Those big eyes and such a sweet little smile. I could have snuggled and photographed Leo all day.

That’s all I got. So just look at him.



Baby Photographer – Hartland, WI

Emily Jo, Sitter Milestone Portrait Session

Sitter milestones are a favorite of mine to capture, it is such a sweet milestone! Miss Emily Jo was no exception, once we got past that “new person/new place” phase her personality really started to shine through! This adorable little gal has been such a joy to capture, her newborn session is still one of my top favorites and it is such an honor to be able to watch her grow. I look forward to seeing her and her parents again in a few months and then to start planning this little princesses first birthday session! I have baby clients “graduate” from their year packages all the time but it never fails to surprise me how FAST these babies grow up, not to mention the fact that MY babies are turning 4 and 9 this year… ugh HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!

Info on First Year Packages are on the newborns tab, booking for your babies first year of milestones ensures photographers availability for each of your sessions and did I mention it saves you over 30% on the investment?! Who doesn’t love saving!



1st Birthday Photo Session

Norah’s First Birthday Cake Smash Session

Happy first birthday Norah!! I have so many favorite captures from this cuties first birthday session, it was so hard to narrow down her gallery. I love that Norah’s mom brought in their family heirloom rocking horse to use as a prop, what a great idea!

A cake smash photo session is a great way to celebrate your little ones first birthday. I love designing the set ups to each of my clients requests and I have SO many different ideas for themes if you are unsure of what to do. Best part? I provide everything for the set up! You don’t have to worry about bringing a bunch of items to my studio for the set up, I take care of everything except the cake and outfit. I am happy to provide you with cake bakery and design recommendations, and I strongly suggest doing a trial with a cake cup a few days before hand to rule out any allergy concerns. This beautiful rosette cake was from Cakes While U Wait, located in Pewaukee, and it smelt sooo delicious!

Norah’s unicorn themed cake smash set turned out absolutely precious! The tutu and unicorn hand band her mom brought were so perfect and adorable to pull the whole theme together. Norah enjoyed poking at her cake but what she really loved was the little bath clean up after. I cannot get over how stinkin adorable this little chunk is.

It is always such an honor when newborn clients come back for their birthday session, I love seeing how much my baby clients grow in that first year!



Newborn Photo Session Tips

George, Newborn Baby Photos

Clients ask me allll the time if I get enough of a “baby fix” being a newborn photographer or if I still get baby fever, usually I say I get my fix often enough that I don’t get the ovaries aching urges for another baby. BUT then I get a super sweet newborn like this one, that I just don’t want to put down and could love on all day! Well that was George. I fall in love with every newborn I have the honor of capturing but there was something so sweet about George, just look at his face!! I am totally smitten by him.

Newborn photography is my passion; cuddling, posing, and capturing these sweet babies is the best job in the world to me. A successful newborn session doesn’t start once baby arrives at my Hartland portrait studio though, a successful session starts a few hours earlier when parents are prepping baby for the photoshoot. Here are my 4 easy but magical tips I encourage parents to follow to result in a sleepier and easier baby to photograph:

  1. Keep baby awake for 2-3 hours before the session. I know this is difficult but it really can make all the difference, especially if baby is over 6 days new. Giving baby a bath or stripping them down to just a diaper is sure to wake them up for a while!
  2. Try to plan out feedings so that baby gets a full belly right before you leave or right at your arrival for the session. But also plan on baby wanting extra food during our session, whether you pack a bottle or want to breastfeed is up to you! I will always stop and let baby eat on demand during the session. The posing is a lot of exercise for your little one, so with those calories being burned baby will eat more often than at home.
  3. Bring a pacifier. Sometimes baby needs a little extra comforting to get into a pose or happily be laid down – as much as I would love to just snuggle your baby the whole session I know you want me to be able to put baby down and get these super cute portraits too!
  4. Relax! I strive to make the session as easy on the parents as possible, so sit back and relax while I focus on baby. It is the BIGGEST compliment when dad or mom takes a little nap, ya’ll deserve the small break!



Hartland, WI Newborn Photographer

Baby Isabella, Newborn Photography Session

Isabella is just the sweetest little sugarplum! I was swooning over her adorable features our whole portrait session, every time I would get her into a set up and snap the portraits I would just stare at her in awe not wanting to move her again. She was so peaceful the whole session, I could have photographed her all day long!!

It was my birthday this week and my grandma gave me a bunch of pictures from when I was a baby. Looking through the photos I couldn’t help but think about why I do what I do as a baby photographer.. and this is exactly my ‘why’. 24 years ago when I was born “newborn portraits” were a brightly lit (or maybe totally underexposed) picture taken quickly at the hospital, baby swaddled in the hospital blanket and with no editing done. It is amazing how much the industry has changed and now having professional newborn photos done is considered just as important as having beautiful wedding portraits taken. I love having these pictures of my babyhood to look back at and show my children, that is why I do what I do. I create heirloom portraits for not only parents/families to enjoy in the moment but for many, many years to come. This is also a reminder to how important it is to print out pictures, display them in our homes, and keep them to pass down to our children when they are grown. And not only your professional pictures, your every day pictures as well! Print, print, print! (even as a professional photographer I need to remind myself this)

I consider it such an honor when someone books me to be their newborn photographer. It takes a lot of trust for a new mom to hand her 6-14 day old newborn over to a complete stranger. If you are looking for a newborn photographer in the Hartland, WI area I would love to chat!