Baby Milestones & Toddlers

Milestones and Toddler Photo Sessions


As a mom of 2 myself I know how important it is to capture your baby’s first year of milestones and beyond that. Those first smiles, the chubby baby rolls, learning to crawl or stand, it all goes by way too fast. And as those sweet little babies grow into toddlers capturing their personalities grow is just as important.


Baby Milestone or Toddler sessions investment is $325. This includes up to an hour in studio session, 2-3 set/outfit changes, and 20-30 final images with print release.


Toddler Portraits


I love to capture toddlers in their element, when they are able to play with the set they open up and that’s when we get those genuine smiles. From blowing glitter, to throwing leaves, or pushing toy cars across the studio room, we encourage silly playfulness! Some toddlers take longer to warm up than others, and that’s okay! Planning a session that includes your child’s interests can help encourage cooperation. What does your child love to play?